Cafés not to be missed in Iceland

There are many romantic ideals linked to Iceland - actually people visit this island mainly because of its wild and practically untouched nature. Sleeping in a tent, driving on endless roads, exploring the beauty of this incredible land - this is how the real icelandic adventure should look like, right? However, Iceland has become one of the most famous touristic destinations which means that many "must see" places are full of people, souvenir shops and a way too expensive restaurants. In fact, this was the thing that didn't match my previous expectations. On the other side, there are still some (not so overcrowded) places you can visit, and also few nice spots where you can get pretty good coffee and delicious cakes for reasonable prices. Below, you can find a list of few highly recommended coffee shops that you can find along the way around Iceland.

1. Skyrgerdin Café & Bistro

This café was our first coffee stop after whole day of driving around the region of Keflavík and exploring locations nearby. Skyrgerdin café is situated in a small city (actually all icelandic cities - including Reykjavik - are pretty small) called Hveragerði. Reasonably priced coffee, huge cakes and long-desired Wi-Fi - that's what you can find there.

2. Café Laut in Akureyri

Akureyri is the second largest urban area after the capital area of Reykjavík and it's situated in north-east Iceland. Of course you can find many great spots to get a cup of coffee there (come on, it's the second biggest city in Iceland!), but the real (very photogenic) gem is hidden in the botanical garden, out of the city centre. Probably you couldn't find a better example of unbeatable Scandinavian style and design. And, most importantly, they serve very good food. I would recommend you to try their soup and salad bar.. the whole menu includes a big plate of soup, a bowl of salad and delicious icelandic bread.

3. Simbahollin café in Pingeyri

The further you head along the coast towards the western fjords, the fewer people and villages you are likely to see. Hovewer, even in the middle of nowhere you can find a cool hipster place that is run by nice young people. A hot cup of coffee and homemade waffles with whipped cream is a very welcome change in this deserted region. You shouldn't miss it!

4. Litlibaer in the western fjords

Have you ever dreamt of opening a cosy café together with someone you love? If so, you should definitely visit a cute place called Litlibaer which can be also found along the endless coast of western fjords. It looks like a fairy tale cabin in which an old married couple serve breakfasts for tired travellers. The combo of hot waffles and cup of coffee or tea is exactly what you need in the cold morning. P.s.: they have a gorgeous and very friendly dog!

5. Kaffi Kyrrð in Borgarnes

Before we get to Reykjavík, I would like to mention one more coffee shop we found during our last days in Iceland. Kaffi Kyrrð, half a café/half a flower shop, is one of those places you want to move in and stay there forever (okay, I'm exaggerating now, but it's definitely a place worth visiting!). It feels like being in the living room of owner's house. Highly recommended for ambience, coffee and delicious homemade carrot cake!

6. Reykjavík Roasters

The absolute highlight of the capital is arguably a coffee place known as Reykjavík Roasters thanks to the combination of skillful baristas, top-notch coffee and great interior. Inside, you just sit down and enjoy your flat white (it was my first flat white since I landed in Iceland!) while listening to some great indie band. We had to wait for a table when we got there, but it was absolutely worth it!

7. Bakery&Co

The last place I would like to recommend here is not a coffee shop but an artisan bakery situated very close to Reykjavík Roasters (in fact, one street over). Beside the finest bread, you can buy their excellent cinnamon rolls there. Make sure you get them warm, since they taste even better then. P.s.: there is one more thing special about this place: you can watch the baking process right there in the store.

I hope this guide will help you to find the best cosy place right for you along your journey in Iceland. Feel free to tell me your opinion, share the article or ask me any question you have. .)