One weekend in Austria

Many times I realised it's an advantage to live in the heart of Europe, since we have access to many beautiful countries from here. One of my favourite "neighbour" destinations is definitely Austria.. actually we visit it with my friends quite often. Just in 5 hours you can reach truly beautiful mountain resort with a lot of photogenic places. In this blogpost I would like to mention few of them alongside with some tips to possibly inspire you for your weekend trip. :) 

The last time I visited Austria was in the middle of January together with a group of friends from Instagram. We went there for a road trip to visit some of our favourites yet already discovered places.. and actually it was so much different to see all those destinations we know covered with a big amount of snow. To be honest, I'm not a winter person (actually I kind of hate moody, grey and cold winter in Prague), but it definitely feels different to be in the mountains with all of that snow around.

Our road trip took 3 days (we left Prague on Thursday at night and got back on Sunday in the evening) and we managed to visit more than 3 different areas despite quite bad weather conditions. Yeah, it was snowing more than we expected and we didn't have proper car gear with us. Still we made it to most of the destinations we had on our list.

Famous Traunsee was one of the first ones. If you go to Austria this place is a must.. and not just because of this iconic water castle, but also because of all the beautiful mountains around. I just wish we had better weather and light conditions there to make our photos look better. Unfortunately if the morning is too grey, that's what you get. :) 

Another beautiful and very famous Instagram spot is Maria Gern located close to the boarder of Germany and Austria. It's actually a small village with a pretty church (yeah, again), where you can enjoy another impressive panoramic view of the mountains around. I must admit that it truly looks like a fairytale scene, especially now in winter. 

Of course we couldn't leave this part of Austria (close to Salzburg) without visiting (once again) amazing Hallstatt. However, on the way there there's actually one hidden gem that shouldn't be missed either. Gosausee - a mountain lake situated near the village Gosau (what a surprise!) - offers one of the best views, since it's all surrounded by majestic mountain peaks. 

The last destination of our short trip was, as I already said, Hallstatt. I'm pretty sure that almost everyone has already heard something about it. It's that kind of place all the tourists in the world want to visit.. and yeah, you will meet tons of them there. People with cameras trying to take as many photos as they can, families having some kind of vacation there and huge groups of excited tourists. If you go there with intention to take great photos it's always better to get there early in the morning - then you probably avoid most of the crowds. :)

Also, people quite often ask me where to find accommodation in Hallstatt or where to go for lunch, coffee or something like that. That's always very hard to respond for me. I usually prefer to stay some place other than Hallstatt, since everything is very expensive there. I would recommend to look for something close to Gosau (as I mentioned above), because it takes like 20 minutes to get there from Hallstatt. When it comes to food, it's also pretty difficult, because there are many hotels or touristic restaurants where you pay quite a lot for an average meal. When we were there with my friends we tried one pizza bar that didn't look so bad, on the other hand, we paid like 10 euros for one frozen pizza. ;) I can't really recommend it either..

Anyway, beside the expensive food and accommodation, Hallstatt is totally worth visiting both in winter and summer. I was lucky enough to see it this year all covered with snow; it was like a dream that came true. Enjoy the rest of my photos and if you want to know something more you can text me anytime. :)

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